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Minggu, 15 Maret 2015

Floating Market Lembang Tour With Bandung Car Rental

Parahyangan natural charm, Pasundan, Bandung, countless, so many tourist attractions that this pasundan owned land with all the stunning natural beauty, natural beauty, no doubt has become one of the tourism commodities, one of which has a concept of nature is Kampung Gajah, Katumbiri, Floating market food, Farm Fruit Cherry, etc, all travelers definitely need Transport tour bandung for need activity Tour travel in Bandung Indonesia

Like wise tourist places to eat, interesting nature with the concept of nature as, Kampung Daun, Mang Engkin, D sehah pepper, Balibu resto, etc, the traveler does not have to worry about starving hehehehe Floating Market is an object that will surely attract tourist and anyone interested nature lovers to visit you? So is any guests we waveguides can find an opportunity to visit this place, every visitor will think how yea it's food shopping over the floating market? Definitely a new sensation, Floating market serves Sundanese ethnic local food, ranging from Rojak, Karedok, paste etc, next to land lined huts / wooden kampung house serving food modern

Hundreds or perhaps thousands of times Bandung Car Rental services we began introducing the tourist areas on their multi-faceted, ranging from shopping [Factory outlets], culinary, mountains, volcanoes, and various other Holidays. Floating Market is also now available in the city that you know precisely in Lembang, For anyone who wants to try shopping over the water with a boat please contact us Bandung Car Rental in

Floating Market Lembang

This is situation small city Lembang Bandung, with use our service ( Transport tour Bandung) on the one hours from Bandung City

Cherry fruit although it is black but still very rare and unbeatable in Indonesia, the fruit is very sweet and a sour taste in the skin, so Cherry fruit contains various medicinal properties such as anti-oxidants and others, this place here you can picking your self, if you picking your self one Kg you must paid idr 100 000, anyone who wants to try next? we are ready to guide the car rental Bandung,,,, 

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